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Wini & I Exquisite Taste

Norine of Wini & I - has vintage fashion DOWN.

A vendor with Vintage Garage Chicago since the beginning 7 years ago and a don't miss at CVCJ. There is NO doubt Norine has some of the best taste in vintage fashion and especially vintage jewelry.? Her taste is amazing and pieces are vintage but like new.? She curates her pieces and collectors head right to her so they don't miss it!? Enjoy our interview with Norine on her love affair with vintage fashion!
First Name:?Norine?

Business Name: Wini & I

How long?: 4 years

How'd you move into vintage fashion? ?I was a wardrobe stylist in the film industry for many years. My favorite projects were period pieces which allowed me to outfit the models in vintage. Moving into selling vintage in recent years seemed like a natural progression as I could marry my styling and visual skills with my love for one of a kind vintage pieces.?Another influence was my mother, Wini, an antique dealer with an amazing eye. I got my love for antiques/vintage from her. My shop name pays homage to my mom.

Are you a collector? Yes

What do you collect? I collect one of a kind vintage pieces. I love victorian watch fobs and chains and unique bakelite pieces.?

What's a favorite piece you can't sell? I have a fabulous old bakelite necklace I just can't part with.

What's your favorite thing to sell? Those rare, iconic pieces you seldom run across.

What sells fastest? Anything from the 50s

Where are you from? Chicago

Do you have a shop online? Not yet

Are you bringing anything extra special to the show? An exquisite early 60s Philip gown Hulitar...so Audrey Hepburn!

Wini & I – Exquisite Taste in Vintage Fashion