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CVCJ Vendor Q's

CVCJ Load in Questions
  • Name you signed up under please
  • Do you need a porter to help unload or load your vehicle? The cost is $20 per 1/2 hour must be paid in cash. Yes or NO.
  • Did you order tables already? If YES, confirm how many 6 fts ($12) or 8 fts ($15) We don't have extra tables on site if you need it and haven't already ordered, IF YOU NEED ONE TELL ME NOW. Even if you already told me. Then I can double double check.
  • Do you need to park in the church parking lot overnight? Yes or no. If you tell me what nights.
  • Confirm you understand the load in times based on your booth size above. For example, yes I understand 10x10 start at 9am and I am one of them.
  • THIS IS A BIG DEAL- I understand that if I even think for one second something I have or need to move could even slightly hurt the floor I will get Jim and he will make sure it doesn't happen. PLEASE type I understand.
  • Questions or comments? Ask here and I'll get back to you.