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Meet Joan from Jyoti by Joan!

She's lived a lifetime in the vintage world. Starting as a teen, she loved and wore vintage! Find out more about what she's bringing to the show. Including great vintage cowboy boots, Versace, Lapidus and so much more!

First Name:?Joan

Business Name: ?Jyoti by Joan

How long?: ?Jyoti by Joan for the last 6 months however I had a store?in the 1990's.? I have been collecting?Vintage my entire life.

How'd you move into vintage fashion??Vintage has been a passion since I was a teenager.

Are you a collector??Yes

What do you collect??Couture (garments and jewelry), leather and fur?jackets, hats, purses, belts, original hand sewn silk?kimonos, textiles, cowboy boots,?ethnic and?old pawn?jewelry?.

What's a favorite piece you can't sell??Several of my vintage Japanese?silk kimonos. ?Actually many of my items are difficult for me to let go of!

What's your favorite thing to sell? ?High end vintage items from cottage industry artists, ethnic.?vintage and vintage couture.?

What sells fastest???My one-of-a-kind?unusual garments/jewelry.

Where are you from??Glencoe Il. originally;?I have also lived in?Evanston,?Arizona, Connecticut,?Florida, Virginia and?upstate New York.? I currently live in the west loop?of Chicago.

Do you have a shop online??Instagram: JyotibyJoan ? Website forthcoming: JyotibyJoan

Are you bringing anything extra special to the show? ?Yes, quite a few extra special things!? You'll just have?to come and see them for yourself!!

Jyoti by Joan


The Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show will take place March 8, 3pm to 8pm, March 9, 2019. 10am to 5pm.? St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church at the corner of Hollywood and N. Sheridan Road. The official website is www.zhlbj98.com

Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, 5649 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Illinois 60660, United States (US) - Phone: 312-505-6373 Email: hey@vintageclothingandjewelry.com URL:
Designer Vintage & Cowboy boot with Jyoti by Joan