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    Maryellen has been selling vintage since she was 19! She has a passion for vintage hats,?Victorian era pieces along with anything 1940's.
    See this Chicago native at the show, her pieces are bound to amaze!?
    first name: Maryellen
    bus name:? Mary's Stuff
    how did you get into vintage fashion?: had my first store here in Chicago when i was 19 years old (right out of high school!), so over 40 YEARS
    in business with numerous store locations and always loved vintage clothing and hats myself (a passion) and collected for me
    and my store
    Are you a collector? YES a big collector!
    What do you collect?:? Hats and Victorian to 1940s Clothing
    Favorite piece:? a group of very fine Victorian Hats (will never leave my collection!)
    Where are you from?:? Grew up here in Chicago, have always lived here.
    Do you have a shop? Sell through Broadway Antique Market and Private Collectors

    The Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show will take place March 8, 3pm to 8pm, March 9, 2019. St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church at the corner of Hollywood and N. Sheridan Road. The official website is www.zhlbj98.com

    Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, 5649 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Illinois 60660, United States (US) - Phone: 312-505-6373 Email: hey@vintageclothingandjewelry.com URL:
    Mary’s Stuff Victorian at it’s Best