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Elizabeth and David of Donatella, travel all the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan each month to be?at our ?Vintage Garage, April through October. There was no way they would miss our brand new show all about clothing and jewelry since that is their specialty! ?

Their vintage clothes and jewelry options never disappoint; their regulars are always?in the front of the Vintage Garage line right?at 10:00 am. It can be hard to find authentic antique textiles, but each and every month, Donatella has at least a few pieces of one hundred?year or older vintage?clothing. ?Victorian and Edwardian dresses and linens along with other great finds from all eras.?

Jewelry is plentiful. There isn't a month that goes by where I don't pick up something.?If you haven't checked out their goods, it's time and they are saving their very best for the new Chicago Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show!?

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Donatella from Grand Rapids will showcase vintage jewelry and antique clothing to the all new Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in February.

David and Elizabeth keeping warm in their leopard furs at a show last year!

Donatella and Karyn Dethrow at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry show

Elizabeth selling it!?

Vintage rings at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry show!

Vintage rings, fine and costume jewelry, Donatella's selection is fresh each and every time.?

Donatella will be appearing at the Chicago Vintage & Clothing Show Victorian clothing is her specialty
Donatella will be appearing at the Chicago Vintage & Clothing Show Victorian clothing, Edwardian too are specialties.
Donatella will be appearing at the Chicago Vintage & Clothing Show Victorian clothing, Edwardian too!


Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, 5649 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Illinois 60640, United States (US) - Phone: 312-505-6373 Email: hey@vintageclothingandjewelry.com URL: http://www.zhlbj98.com/