• ?Dethrose Vintage

    Karyn of Dethrose Vintage has exceptional taste in 1940's and 1950's dresses and clothing.?
    She models all her own clothes for her shop so this amazing vintage couldn't look any better! See her at the show, we can't wait!?
    First Name: Karyn
    Business Name: Dethrose Vintage
    How long?: 10 yrs
    How'd you move into vintage fashion???I was raised by my mother who always had a love for old movies and vintage. Watching 1930s & 1940s films was a huge influence.? I was at such a young age it really stuck. As well as always looking at old photos of my gorgeous grandmother from the 30s & 40s along?with my mother and her sisters in the 50s & 60s? It's really just inspired me & my style so much. They always looked put together, elegant and stylish with an attention to detail.
    Are you a collector?? I'm more of a "smalls" collector and I definitely collect.
    What do you collect? I always have to buy old candy and tea tins from the 30s-50s.? Any and all female watercolors & sketches. Next is 1920s Pyrography wooden art pieces I can't get enough of them.
    What's a favorite piece you can't sell??I have a 1930s playsuit that I don't think I could ever sell because I've never seen another one like it.
    What's your favorite thing to sell?? hmmm....thats too hard to answer! I have many favorites and if it makes someone happy? That's perfect.
    What sells fastest?? It varies but dresses definitely sell faster than anything else.
    Where are you from?? Originally?from southern Illinois
    Do you have a shop online??yes. Dethrose Vintage
    Are you bringing anything extra special to the show??I am! There will be some very spectacular 1940s gowns and 1950s.? I've been putting together special pieces since the last one!
    Karyn has a unique vintage style all her own. You won't want to miss her or her booth at the show.?
    Dethrose Vintage Loves 1940’s and 1950’s